5 Vlogging Ideas to Try Out and Make Money in 2022

Visual content remains one of the most popular ways to capture the attention of the people on the internet. Just think of how many times you have taken out your smartphone to check your social feed and ended up in the “must watch” section. That is the power of video-based content marketing that targets the human brain which is designed to process videos 60,000 faster than text according to research.

In this scenario, vlogging has spread far and wide all over the internet to empower people with information. The word “Vlog” represents sharing one’s experience, information, thoughts, and even ideas with the world. In a way, it is a mode of communication that is used to engage and connect with a certain audience with a unique personal touch. Since the advent of smartphones, it has become quite easy to shoot a vlog, edit it, and share it across social media to build a greater connection with a brand or an influencer’s current audience.

Depending on the type of information they share, vloggers can be categorized in many different ways. There are beauty vlogs, travel vlogs, tech vlogs, finance vlogs, and the popular gaming/entertainment vlogs. Becoming a vlogger has become easy and if you have a unique idea then monetizing your content would not be a problem.

Following are 5 innovative vlogging ideas you can try and make some money in 2022;


There are several thousands of new tech being released each minute and people love to see an unboxing video of the newest model of a smartphone or a laptop. In the past few years, viewers have shifted to unboxing videos rather than simple reviews because unboxing allows them to see how the product would look and what accessories does it arrive with.

Unboxing videos could also include a subtle and to-the-point review of the product so that viewers get all the information they need by watching your vlog.

Eating show

Eating show vlogs can be of various types such as recording your experience at a new and unique restaurant or you can do an eating challenge alone or with your friends to see who can finish a definite amount of food in a minute. What’s best about vlogging is that your followers unfailingly help you pick the topic mostly through their comments and recommendations.

Even though food-related vlogs sound quite generic, these are the ones that people just won’t stop watching.


Vlogs where people try to motivate others in a unique way always performs better than actual motivational vlogs. Transformational vlogs for example the “before and after” challenges are not only interesting but also quite a new idea for vloggers who want to either share some funny knowledge (for example before and after searching google image results for “:)”) or try out a new diet or attitude or even a mindset for almost a week and later discuss the results with your followers. This vlog idea grabs a lot of attention because of its uniqueness and usefulness.

Try not to laugh

Funny vlogs are everywhere these days to cheer up people who have been locked inside their homes without being able to meet their friends and family. Funny challenges are a good way to test whether your audience is interested in the theme. After one sees how their followers react to funny challenges, they can go a step further with the try not to laugh vlog which is basically putting yourself in funny situations but trying your hardest not to laugh. Remember that is not necessary to keep a straight face and act like a robot but your failure could make the vlog even funnier.


Whether you live with a friend, family, or with your partner, prank vlogs could definitely be a worthwhile idea to try out this year. Although there used to be a negative stigma regarding pranks of all kinds now through vloggers around the world, pulling harmless pranks is one of the easiest ways to make people laugh and share joy. You can take help from the internet and get inspired by various different types of pranks used online to create your own unique or “most-watched” prank vlog version.

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