Strategies to Make Viral YouTube Shorts in India

Ever since the Indian government banned TikTok within the country, people were left on their devices to find some replacement. A few months later, the domestic market was littered with similar apps for sharing engaging short videos but a majority of these did not get through the masses.

These little-known apps were eclipsed when social media giants Facebook and Instagram released their own short videos. Soon YouTube joined the list by launching “YouTube Shorts” which got viral pretty quickly.

Google’s response to YouTube shorts has been a positive and encouraging one which is a great sign for marketers who wish to use this popular platform as a strategy to expand their reach and target the relevant audience. Short-form videos are most likely to perform well even in the future because they deliver the message without being overbearing in any way for the viewer.

You can create engaging YouTube shorts easily whether it’s an explainer video or any other type of engaging visual content.

Pros of using YouTube shorts:

  • Making a YouTube short differs from making a Vlog or any other type of video content because it does not require much equipment to shoot, edit, and share. If you have a smartphone with a decent camera and a laptop for easy editing then that is all you need to make viral YouTube shorts.
  • YouTube shorts leave a huge impact on the Indian audience because YouTube has more than 774.6 million active users who use the app through their apple and android devices. Indian audience who has found YouTube shorts after losing TikTok spends a considerable amount of time of their day watching viral short videos.
  • This is an easily accessible type of content that provides users with a way to pass their time without exhausting them mentally. Its nature could be fun, serious, emotional, and even educational depending on the creator. But the most important fact is that YouTube shorts are simple visual content that is easy to consume for all types of users.

Here are a few strategies to utilize if one wants to make viral YouTube shorts in India:

Set the right tone for your audience

To make interesting visual content whether it’s a post or a YouTube short, one must be aware of the tone that appeals to their audience so that targeting gets easier and you can create videos accordingly. Tones could be of many types for example, informative, enthusiastic, and even demonstrative. It is important to determine what type brings the most engagement to be able to make a viral YouTube short video easily.

Keep it short and sweet

As online consumers reach their limit, their attention span starts to decline which might be an obstacle for short-form video sharing platforms. But through planning expert content creators avoid this issue by cutting back the duration of their YouTube shorts. It can be tough to fit everything you want to say in a 3-7 second video but it is certainly not impossible with practice and determination. Getting straight to the point, clipping the video, avoiding multiple people talking, and removing on-screen distractions can help you make a truly engaging YouTube short.

Put custom thumbnails

Anyone who has used the YouTube platform knows how important video thumbnails are for users. These thumbnails are the first impression left on a consumer’s mind. If it is boring, generic, and not creative enough then people will not click to watch the video at all. Similarly, in the case of YouTube shorts, customizing thumbnails are among the best practices. This way people get a sneak peek of what to expect from the short video.

Optimized titles perform well

Just like there is a huge difference between an unoptimized website and an optimized one, the heading used in YouTube shorts also requires careful optimization. Since YouTube uses a smart algorithm much like Google, optimized and the best possible title for your content can help visitors find you in the YouTube search engine. All you have to do is research keywords applicable to your short video, keep characters within 70, use relevant and viral hashtags.

Always remember that the key to making viral YouTube shorts in India is to understand YouTube’s algorithm as well as your audience.

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