Top 4 Digital Marketing Certifications For Professionals in 2021

If you are looking for a career in digital marketing, you definitely need to have some certifications in your kitty!

The main motto being followed by everyone currently is to stay on top of the competitive market. Digital marketing is the key that helps talented individuals to stay on top of the game with new trends and strategies. The way digital marketing has evolved the age-old advertising is surely commendable. Many people are aware of digital marketing but find it hard to get success through luck. What they lack is the right skill to adopt into the new field.

It has been recognized that people with proper and authenticated certificates get their way into digital marketing better than others. In the market, there are thousands of certificates available with several benefits. However, it isn’t easy to analyze which certificate is best for you. To make things easier, we have summed up the major certifications in digital marketing that will surely make your CV a promising one.   

Google Analytics IQ based certification

 Google is the big brother of the digital marketing industry. Almost everything revolves around the newer algorithms and mechanisms of Google. When working in the digital field, it is important to learn about the campaign metrics and effectively monitor KPI’s. These two tactics help to improve the marketing tactics way better than others. Getting a certification in Google analytics displays the proficiency of working with differentiated google analytics. Applicants have to answer 70 questions and work through the beginner and advanced session of google analytics. The time commitment for the course is about 4-6 hours with a full free value.

Hootsuite’s Social Marketing certification

Social media is the new reality that helps to connect everyone within a single click. Although it is one of the most powerful tools out there, it is a saturated one. Thereby, employers look for a candidate who knows how to stay ahead of the game. Hootsuite is the most popular and trusted media management platform for new beginners. This platform provides online certification for all types of training and advanced courses. Completing this certification provides the learner to get knowledge about the core social media concepts. The time for this certification is varied with a 60-liner question set.

Google Ads Certification

One thing that could adequately make or break the marketing plan is a Google ads campaign. Advertising on Google helps generate quick results for businesses with better ROI. Candidates applying for this certification are tested on their basic and advanced knowledge in Google ads. In addition, there are other value propositions like campaign setup, optimization, and advertising, which are also tested. Candidates need to secure a score of more than 80% to pass the assessment with a period of 4-6 hours.

HubSpot Content marketing certification

Content is always considered the king of digital marketing. HubSpot helps to cover nearly 12 categories of best research and practices of content. This certification helps the new learners to understand the importance of ROI and how to develop it. The course is free with a time limit of 4 hours only. Thereby, completing this certification can be a game-changer in the industry.

These are not all – these were some of the many certifications that professionals need to have if they desires a career in digital marketing.

Google AdWords Certification - Guide

Advertisement is the source of marketing, and it helps to create better prospects for any business. The biggest advertisement source available in the market with billions of click-ups regularly is Google Ads. Several people around the world click on these paid ads, and commission is used against them. However, learning the right method to use these ads is not an easy task to accomplish.

A single mistake can indirectly result in losing thousands of dollars. The use of the PPC network of Google is a complex one to understand. But there are plenty of certifications available to make the process easier. We have rightly compiled a complete guide to help you with everything you need to know about Google AdWords and certification in this article. 

What exactly is the Google AdWords examination?

Google AdWords certification is a program run by Google and awards the right applicants with certificates after their course completion. Applicants can easily complete the course by appearing for all exams and modules and scoring more than 80% in every module. The total time allotted for the examination is 75 minutes, with a specified option to repass it in case of failure. Validity for the certification is for one year with a mentioned expiry date. Once the date of expiry is met, the individual needs to retake the exam once more. The best part is you don’t need to pay a single penny for this examination; it’s completely free! The current certifications awarded by Google include the following:

  • Google Ads Search certification
  • Google Ads Apps certification
  • Google Ads Display certification
  • Google ads video certification
  • Shopping ads certification
  • Google ads measurement certification

Benefits of the certification

When you are going to prepare for a certification, it is important that you are aware of the benefits of the same. Completing the certification of google can help both an individual and a business to grow in the future. In the case of individuals, the skills they gain from the certification help them represent it in front of their clients. One benefit of this certification is that it upgrades the CV to a different level. Every applicant who completes the course with flying colors gets a personalized certificate with their name. This is a great way to showcase their skills if they are in the digital marketing field. Furthermore, getting a certification from the master itself, Google, is not a joke! Thereby, it will instantly improve the value of the CV to a much better grade.

How to pass the exam on the first try with flying colors?

Passing every exam needs a lot of hard work and a little bit of luck. Similarly, in this case, too, you need to study and get to know the facts in detail to pass. Each of the modules comes with pre-built guides to help out the applicants. You might need an overall time of about 10-15 minutes based on the length of each module. So, start fresh and give these exams to make your CV stand out from the rest.

How A Digital Marketing Certification Can Boost Your Career

Over the years, companies have been actively implementing digital marketing tactics in order to boost their business. The demand for expert digital marketing services grows rapidly as the online platform seems a viable and better option to expand business.

Building an online presence has become a necessity rather than an option. Keeping that in mind, companies look for expert professionals that have qualification and experience in digital marketing. In fact, big businesses are increasingly investing in digital marketing.

Multiple career options, bigger budgets and boosted salary are just some of the perks if you work in the field of digital marketing. Below we’ve further listed how a digital marketing certification can enhance your career for the future.

  1. Increased Job Opportunities

The digital marketing platform is vast and there are so many areas of expertise where an aspiring candidate can choose to excel. Also, the headquarters of some big companies like Twitter, LinkedIn, Google are always on the hunt to hire the best digital marketing expert and a certification only adds value to pick a better job opportunity.

In fact, with the combination of digital marketing certification and ample experience in the field you will have more and more opportunities coming your way. So, make sure to choose a reputed certification course for digital marketing to improve your chances of getting better job opportunities.

  1. Professional Recognition

Being a professional always gives you an upper hand in boosting your career. The growing number of businesses that are inclined toward getting their business online are increasing.

With this, the demand for digital marketing professionals is also going up. As a matter of fact, in developed countries such as the UK, US, etc. there has been a dearth of digital marketing professionals.

This opens up a scope for candidates with digital marketing certification to apply for jobs abroad as you get the rank of being a professional with a certification in your CV. The professional recognition from digital marketing certification only adds value to your career.

  1. Comparatively Higher Earning

While there are many digital marketing professionals who are working without any experience, the probability of them getting better benefits is comparatively low than those who have ample experience in the field.

However, if you have no experience but an accredited digital marketing certification that automatically puts you in a better place than those without any experience and certification. In fact, based on your certification you can get higher earnings than those without certification.

  1. Updated Industry Knowledge

The domain of digital marketing is fast-paced and a basic knowledge won’t suffice you as a promising candidate to apply for a job. But with digital marketing certification, you get updated knowledge of the relevant industry and stay ahead of the curve.

Candidates will have a vast overview of this industry and how key elements impact the businesses. With updated knowledge, you will also possess the precise skill set that makes you worthy of applying for a job. It also makes you stand out from others and a more impressive candidate.

These are a handful of perks which you get as soon as you are a digital marketing certified professional. A certification in digital marketing from a reputed platform boosts your career profile in more ways than you can imagine.

Enrol yourself for an accredited digital marketing certification course for a chance to enhance your career now.