6 Expert Tips on Marketing with Instagram Reels

Unless you have been living in Antarctica for the past few years, you would recognize an Instagram reel right away without any hesitation. A Reel has become one of the most trending type of content being circulated in social media, specifically, Instagram. Every single day hundreds of millions of Instagram users create, edit, and share reels all over the Instagram feed which is programmed in a way to spread it across the planet based on relevance and type of information.

Marketing strategists are starting to feel the pressure of creating their own Instagram reels, that is a short-form videos (resembling TikTok) with music and camera effects to grab the attention of their target audience. If you have been asking yourself “how do I make a difference in my marketing technique by incorporating Instagram reels?”

Keep reading to know more.

Preference for influencer marketing

The overflowing positive response and rapid growth of Instagram reels tell us that this particular approach has become more of a standard of quality and success within the digital marketing circles everywhere in the world.

Second only to its arch-rival TikTok, a platform for sharing short videos on various themes with a plethora of effects, IG reels is the new favourite of influencers. As a creative sharing space where brand ambassadors, influencers, bloggers, and even micro-influencers can build a considerable fan following, IG reels are getting preferred over other alternative channels.

Carefully plan content consistency

If you are consistent with creating and sharing content on Instagram in the form of trending reels then there is no point in continuing any further. Experts recommend having a strict plan for posting consistent content that remains true to the brand.

Try to make sure that the 3-15 seconds videos remain lighthearted and enjoyable but do not go without an authentic and effortless brand message.

Consider user insights critical

You cannot ignore users’ insight when it comes to trying something new in digital marketing. These insights are not plain to see but experts have devised a few ways to understand whether your strategy is working or not by checking the following;

  • See if there is any difference in the way your audience is interacting with your IG reels.
  • Check how much time is spent at a minimum each day on brainstorming ideas, compiling data, creating of reels, editing, and final posting.
  • Most important thing is to know if you can leverage the Instagram campaigns or not

Include some educational content

Forget the old ways of using a whiteboard and pen for creating educational content for the audience irrespective of the platform used. That is because Instagram has revolutionized this type of thematic content a long time ago for the benefit of its users.

Educate people watching your reels in a trendy way using various effects and catchy theme music about your brand and its products/services. This way IG reels make educational content less overbearing and far more exciting for potential customers.

Product reviews perform well

Sharing product reviews and even case studies are a great way to capture the attention of your audience and turn them into leads who would someday want to buy your product. By seeing, hearing, and realizing the “fulfilling” experience of your old customers, you can bring new customers effortlessly.

You could either create a completely new case study for your next IG reels or you could take one from the official website and break it down into sections to make a highly informative reel out of it.

Create a bond with the audience with BTS

Behind-the-scenes or #BTS Instagram reels have slowly gained a lot of traction over the past few months as some of the most recognizable brands across the world have used it to demonstrate how the process of making a product looks from their standpoint.

Consider BTS reels as a way to show your potential customers what to expect from your brand and all the processes involved in creating a certain product to pique their interest in your company.

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