Self Help: Course On How to Tackle Toxic People in Life

It might be a bit weird, but it is a ‘must’ course for those who find it difficult to deal with people or negativity, especially at the workplace.

Toxic people are present everywhere – at home, amongst our friends, at our workplace, gym – anywhere you choose to go. At times, it gets frustrating to deal with such toxicity on a regular basis.

Udemy offers a self-help course on how to tackle toxic people in Life. Let’s have a glimpse into the course details and how it can be helpful.

What Students Will Learn:

They will learn more about ‘difficult’ behavior. Students learn how to first recognize and then use different skills of self-empowerment that can be helpful when facing such challenging behavior. Students also start developing their different listening skills so that they can create a good communication stance.

Students learn how to stop escalations of problematic behavior. They are able to plan a way forward and also employ various strategies that can be effective in countering different types of difficult behavior.

It is a scope to stay away from common pitfalls and keep responses within control. Students learn how they can easily separate their various thoughts from their feelings which can help them in gaining mastery.

They also learn how they can improve outcomes and relationships not just at work but at home and in society.

Who The Course is Suitable for?

Difficult behaviour of family members, co-workers or friends can be difficult to handle all the while. This course is just perfect for all those who –

  • Feel annoyed, angry or lose patience frequently due to problematic behaviour of others.
  • Those who find difficulty in interactions with difficult people need to interact on a regular basis.
  • Those who are not able to find solutions or resolve issues with toxic people.
  • Those who tend to struggle in their personal relationships can benefit as well.

Course Details:

  • This is a 90-minute course
  • There are 12 video lectures.
  • Students are offered concise and written downloads. They are provided exercises that can help them to practice and also enhance skills.

How To Learn?

The videos are usually of 50 minutes. The reading time for the material is usually 40 minutes. Students can watch these videos many times so that they can absorb the information.

This course is just perfect for anyone who deals with challenging situations on regular basis. This might be at home, at work, or anywhere else. With the completion of the course, students will be able to handle critical and complex situations with ease.


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