YouTube Dislike Count Removed – What YouTube Co-Founder Says

YouTube Dislike Count Remove – Why?

If you have recently checked out any YouTube video, you must have noticed that it no longer shows the ‘dislike’ numbers. You can ‘dislike’ a video, but it is not going to show up, and other viewers will not be able to see the number of dislikes.

That’s the latest update from YouTube!

Now YouTube co-founder has spoken up and he mentions that removing dislikes may not be good for creators. Karim did not upload a fresh video to express his thoughts, he just updated his earliest video.

A few days earlier, YouTube announced that it will remove the dislike counts but the dislike button will be there. This means that other users will not be able to see how many people have clicked the disliked button.

Matt Koval (YouTube Creator Liaison) had earlier announced this and claimed that it is going to help creators.

However, the decision is not much appreciated by regular users. In fact, the video that announces this move has more than 14 times dislikes than likes. That says it all!

Many users have the same question – What is the reason behind this change?

No one knows the reason but there is a lot of speculation. Perhaps the reason is not good enough to be disclosed.

Just as we do in all other situations, users are buying searching ‘YouTube removes dislikes. There are several videos on this and one thing is clear – No one likes this change.

Why Users Might Not be Happy with Dislike Count Removal?

The count helped in identifying common emotions. It helped in identification of bad content from good content. Since it is user-generated content, it becomes essential to distinguish one content from another. Thus, amidst a flood of content, users good distinguish good content from a bad one.

Now, when people come to a video, they will no longer be able to see the number of people who did not like the video.

It is challenging as a viewer and as a creator.

Do let us know in the comment section, how you feel about the dislike count removal and if it is going to affect you.


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