Online Blogging Course – Learn How To Start Blogging

Blogging can be  great career if you love to express your feelings in words, you are consistent and you know how to blog.

Though everyone can become a blogger, if you wish to make blogging your career, you have to learn the basics of blogging. There is a lot more than just writing your blog. Online blogging courses are offered by several experienced bloggers and even institutes. These courses are generally short term and cover A to Z of blogging.

Once you know the basics of blogging, it gets easier to start a blog too of your own and even take up full-time job of a blogger. 

If this is something you have in your mind, then keep reading. This article is an attempt to cover everything that you need to know if you want to pursue blogging as a career or even as a hobby.

First and foremost – Why Learn Blogging?

  • To be a professional blogger and earn money from your own blog.
  • It gets easier to get a job if you have a certification in blogging.
  • The struggle to succeed is a bit less when you know the ins and outs of blogging.
  • You do not waste your time and effort in doing the wrong things.
  • It adds value to your CV if you wish to become a professional content writer.

Okay, now the question comes – what is the duration of online blogging courses?

This is a short-term course and can be of just a few hours. The duration of the course depends on the course you are enrolling. However, an online blogging course can be of 20-30 hours duration.

But, keep in mind, this is the course duration. You have to keep writing to hone your skills and improve your writing. Continuous learning is one of the primary requirements.

What Will You Learn in a Blogging Course


Are the blogging courses worth it?

Yes, blogging courses will help you to shorten the learning curve. If you do not know how to optimize a blog, or how to promote a blog, a course can help you do that. Besides, a certificate in blogging will certainly help in giving a boost to your resume.

Can I start my own blog after I learn blogging?

Yes, you can start your own blog. You can start with free blogging sites or buy a domain and hosting and start your own blog.

What are the top money making blogs?

The most popular blogs that can help you to make money include:

  • Travel 
  • Lifestyle
  • Fashion
  • Marketing
  • Food
  • Mom
  • Health and Fitness


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