Coursera Review


Coursera is one of the biggest and most popular online platforms for online studies. It is an American online course provider that was founded in 2012. Over the years, Coursera has helped thousands of students and professionals complete their education and add to their online skills and knowledge.

Coursera is associated with more than 200 leading universities and institutions. There are more than 75 million learners from Coursera till now. Students and professionals have easy access to world-class learning from any part of the world and at any time.

One of the leading online courses provider, Coursera does not need any formal introduction!

  • More than 3000 courses
  • 170 Partner institutions and companies
  • Available in 20 countries
  • Job ready certificate programs

Undoubtedly, Courera is the leader in online education, offering easy access to top class educational access.

Their Approach:

They believe in thorough learning and understanding of concepts, ensuring that the student is comfortable with the course material before moving ahead to the next portion. Students receive quick feedback that helps in improving their experience.

Wish to gather in-depth knowledge?

Coursera provides specialization certificates to master a subject.

Courses Offered by Coursera

Coursera offers a number of courses – students need to simply search their subject and find a course online.

Courera offers courses not just for students but also for professionals who have certain career goals in mind.

You might wish to learn something for a promotion or to get a raise or maybe for a career switch. You might also just wish to update your skills without leaving your current job. Everything is possible with Courera online courses.

Top Professional Certificates :

Top Masters & Bachelor Degrees:

Learn New Skills with Coursera

App For Coursera:

For all those students who do not have access to a laptop or computer – there is some good news from Coursera.

Coursera offers App support for students so that they can use their phone or tablet to study. 

Courera Plus – For Professional Goals:

Professionals can have unlimited access to more than 90% courses. There are professional certificates, specializations, and guided projects available.

Courses are taught by top instructors and industry experts.

How Coursera Courses Can Help:

  • Learn Variety of Topics – There are several trending subjects and topics that can help in enhancing professional goals. Professionals can enhance their career skills through various certificate programs.
  • Save Money – Courses are available at  discounted rate.
  • Flexible Learning Opportunities –Students can learn at their own pace and at their own time. No need to quit your job for any course.
  • Get Certificate – You get a certificate for every course you complete.

Are Coursera courses worth it?

Yes, Coursera offers global online courses for students that help them to enhance their skills. There are more than 3000 courses to choose from. Since Coursera is an open platform, courses tend to vary in terms of quality and also the depth of information.

Can you Put Coursera on your resume?

Yes, why not? You can put details of your learning from Coursera in your resume. Your employer will understand that you have deep interest in the subject and have chosen to learn more about.

Do Employers Value Coursera?

Yes, employers do care about Coursera. Most of these courses are accredited to some of the leading institutes of the world. Employers do value the skills and knowledge the student gains through the course.


How do students get their certificates from Coursera?

Students can download their course completion certificate from Coursera. The file can be easily downloaded by clicking on the ‘SAVE AS’ Option. Students can find the ‘Download’ option easily on the page.

Are Coursera courses for lifetime?

Yes, Coursera courses are available online as long as your subscription exists. Students can cancel their subscription for Coursera at any time.

How fast can you complete a course?

Those who have little time in hand can complete as a course even in 8 hours. However, a lot depends on the course you choose and how fast and how thoroughly you can learn.


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