Advanced Local Search Options and New Tools By Google for Journalists

As per reports searches related to ‘news near me’ have multiplied over the last two years. Searchers are now looking up with the key phrases‘ news near me’ more than before.

Keeping up with the search queries, Google is now launching new features that for local search results. New tools will be available for journalists as they search for locally relevant stories.

Google is soon to add new features to its search results. This will help in finding relevant stories for the local region.

Local News Search Will Get New Features:

Now, it is going to be much easier for people to search for content from various local news publishers.

  • Top Stories Carousel: Now with the additional features, it is expected that authoritative local news stories will now appear quite often.
  • Local News Carousel: Now there will be a carousel dedicated to local news stories when there is the local news that is relevant to the query of the user.
  • Thorough Understanding of Topics: Google will soon be coming up with an advanced algorithm that will be able to connect different broad terms. For instance, searches for ‘cricket’ should be able to bring up stories related to the local teams of the searcher.
  • Local Tweets: Searches related to local news can now bring up tweets related to local news by journalists or authoritative sources.

That is not all – Google plans to introduce new tools for local news reporters with locally relevant data.

Census Mapper Project – This is an embeddable map that will show census data at different levels. This data is processed by The Associated Press.

Common Knowledge Project: This is the latest version of a presen tool. US Journalists can now explore various local data. They can check out new features that include visuals, new charts, geographic comparisons and journalist feedback.

Google continually invests in new tools to improve its search functions.

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