Digital Marketing Courses Online For Successful Career

Digital Marketing course online are available for professionals and students who wish to learn. After the end of the course, students get Google Ad Fundamental certification. Besides that, they get recognition and job offers from digital marketing agencies and different brands.


How Do Digital Marketing Courses Online Work

Video Lessons:

  • Core Subjects and Topics are taught by experts and professionals.
  • Easy to learn because the lessons can be learnt according to ones’s pace.
  •  Animations and graphics are often used to make learning easy.
  • Real life projects are often referenced for improved learning.

Online Sessions – Live

There are several online lessons scheduled for students. 

After the students have gone through the video lessons these LIVE sessions help students to clear their doubts.

Trainers demonstrate dashboard simulations for students. They solve problems faced by students during Live meets.

Practical Lessons

Once the training is completed, students are given several practice sessions. 

There are many institutes that offer tasks and assignments to students which they need to complete within a specific time. 

Practical lessons help students to understand their understanding.

Benefits of Online Digital Marketing Courses:

  1. Learn at your own pace
  2. Learn from experts of the industry
  3. Do not have to leave your full-time job to pursue the course.
  4. Flexibility in courses

What Students Learn in Online Course

After the successful completion of an online digital marketing course the student completely masters all aspects of digital marketing and becomes an expert in the field. The entire course is divided into several topics – each of a specific time duration.

Digital Marketing Courses *


Please Note: The courses provided below are just an idea of what students can learn in the digital marketing online course. Please verify with the institute you would like to study before admission.

Basics Of Digital Marketing – Course 1

  • Scope and need for digital marketing.
  • Importance of Digital Marketing.
  • Popular digital marketing professionals.
  • Benefits of learning.
  • Job Opportunities and Career Goals.

SEO -Basics and Fundamentals – Course 2

Social Media Marketing  Basics – Course 3

  • Role of social media marketing
  • Advertising Strategies of SMM
  • SMM tools 
  • Techniques of SMM
  • Fundamentals of Mobile Marketing
  • Digital Strategy 

Web Analytics – Course 4

This is about analyzing the behavior of a website.

Students learn to track and analyze the actions of a website visitor through Google analytics.

This involves learning several technical details and hours of practice to completely understand the technicalities.

SEM or Search Engine Marketing – Course 5

SEM is about advertising the website of a company with the aim of enhancing its SERP, through paid efforts. This is an important part of digital marketing efforts.

Students learn about Keyword Planner and other tools of SEM that are essential.


Blogging, Adsense and Affiliate Marketing – Course 6

Students learn the basics of blogs, the fundamentals of adsense and affiliate marketing. Students also learn the basics of content writing.

Adsense and affiliate marketing are all about earning money from blogs and through the website.


Website Creation Basics – Course 7

Students learn how to create a website for improving the credibility of the blog. Students learn about different blogging platforms and CMS.

This course includes lessons on how to create a website, how to optimize a website, add images, videos, and more.

Other Topics – Add Ons:

Students during their course learn several topics that include:

  • Email markteting
  • Content remarketing
  • Ecommerce management
  • Online Reputation Management
  • Training on Soft Skills Development
Benefits of Online Digital Marketing Classes - Will they be actully helpful?

Who is Eligible for Digital Marketing Course

Anyone above the age of 16 years and with an interest in digital marketing can enroll for the course.

  • Above the age of 18 years
  • Desire to learn digital marketing.
  • Fluency in English
  • Basic Computer skills ( Internet, search, email, Office)
  • Access to high speed internet because classes are conducted online
  • Communication skills
  • Desire to learn and work hard.

What is the duration of digital marketing course?

If you choose to learn digital marketing online – you have two options to join:

  • Full-Time Courses
  • Part-Time Courses

Depending on the type, of course, you choose you will be able to select the duration of the course. Since the entire digital marketing course is divided into different topics, students can select one course at a time.

For example – a student can just begin with ‘Basics of Digital Marketing‘ where the student learns the background of the profession, career opportunities, goals, what it is about and so on. This is usually completed within 3-4 days.

Once done, the student can enrol for ‘SEO Course’. This course might be of 3-4 weeks duration. A lot depends on the institute or the college you have enrolled yourself. Classes are held for 2-3 hours in a day.

Thus, if you want to learn A to Z of digital marketing, it might take you a few months.

However, learning classes and reading books or study material is not enough. Students have to work on LIVE projects that help them to gain exposure and learn better.


Is Certification in Digital Marketing Helpful?

Though a certification will not replace the experience you gather from real-world experience, it is still helpful in enhancing your knowledge, understanding and skills.

If you have a digital marketing certificate in hand, your probable employees will realize that you have an interest in the subject and are eager to learn more and pursue the career.

Where Can You Learn Digital Marketing Online?

Some of the leading institutes that offer digital marketing courses online are:

  • Moz
  • Coursera
  • Skillshare
  • Udemy

Final Thoughts:

Digital marketing courses are designed to help students develop the digital marketing skills that help them to perform better in their jobs.

However before you enrol you must ensure the subjects covered, the course fees and other details so that there is no confusion later on.

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