What Is Black Hat SEO and Why You Must Avoid It in 2022

So, what is this Black hat Seo?

Many people used to believe that SEO was a deceptive marketing approach based on misleading search results into believing that your webpage was the top result for a search term back in the early days of Google. Google’s algorithms, on the other hand, were less sophisticated at the time, particularly when it comes to detecting online spam. Now, marketers who are caught employing black-hat SEO techniques may encounter Google penalties, suspension from search results, or a significant drop in metrics.

What is black hat SEO?

This happens when a website is ranked using certain methods that are against search engine regulations. Black hat SEO tactics aim to manipulate search engine rankings in order to boost a website’s SERP ranks. The purpose of search engine algorithms is to provide the best potential results for users’ searches. By employing black hat SEO strategies, marketers intend to essentially take higher SERP rankings from those that use well-established and organic white hat approaches.

Some of the common tactics include keyword stuffing, negative SEO, hidden text, paid/manipulative links, automatically generated/duplicate content, cloaking, misused structured data and rich snippets, doorway/gateway pages, and misleading redirects. Applying such SEO strategies to optimise your website carries substantial risks, which is why most SEOs avoid them. The majority of SEO professionals believe these tactics are unethical.

Why should you avoid black hat SEO?

  • Adverse influence on your search engine rankings¬†

The most important reason to avoid such practices is that they might cause your website to lose search rankings. There will be loss visibility, and traffic. When a website’s traffic and exposure decline, conversions and revenue often tend to decrease as well. As a consequence of manual action or algorithmic filtering, black hat SEO methods might lead to the performance of the website degrading.

  • Often leads to poor UX

SEO must take into account the user’s experience on a website and strive to provide the best content and user experience possible. On the other hand, black hat techniques optimise for crawlers rather than for users. If search engines become a priority, the site’s conversion rate is likely to suffer.

  • Unable to provide long-term results

Even though manipulative tactics improve ranks and organic performance at first, they rarely last. While it may take a while for Google to detect unethical practises on a website, if it does, a drop in traffic is certain. The only thing worse than battling to rank a site is having ranks and traffic artificially boosted, only to drop significantly in the near term. Furthermore, black-hat methods cannot provide the predictability that most businesses require.


Black hat SEO may appear to be a quick and easy way to manipulate the system and improve your search rankings. However, this unethical method may affect your brand’s search exposure and reputation in the long run.

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