Top 5 On-Page SEO Techniques

You might have heard about SEO and its importance in making websites an absolute hit online. Well, with SEO comes the role of on-page SEO without which it is rather difficult to achieve a higher ranking.

Without on-page optimization, it is practically impossible for search engine algorithms as well as crawlers to index the websites that are created. Therefore, on-page SEO is more important than what you think of.

So, if you wish to attain successful SEO campaigns and rank your website in top position then you got to focus on on-page SEO techniques.

Below we have listed out 5 major on-page SEO that you must include.

1.    Creating and Publishing High-Quality Content

As Bill Gates once rightly said “Content is King”, keeping that in mind one of the apt on-page techniques involves focusing on the content which shall be published on the website. But many fail to understand the criteria for creating and publishing high-quality content.

Fret not! We are here to enlighten you with some factors that are found in high-quality content. These are –

  •       New & original content – No paraphrases or rewrites of already published articles.
  •       Well-researched & useful content – The content should help the audience with the intent of their search and one that informs them in detail with all authentic facts, statistics and more.
  •       The content attached with text elements – Don’t leave your non-text content hanging and make sure to attach them with text elements.

2.   Formatting the Website Content and Headings

Each webpage of your website needs to be formatted properly, that’s one of the most basic yet important on-page SEO techniques. The formatting of web pages works as a report that needs to include heading [h1] and subheadings [h2, h3].

H1 tags are needed to be added to each web page. Each page mustn’t have more than one H1 tag. As far as the other subheadings are concerned, there are a couple of things that you need to keep in mind.

For example, one-word subheadings should not be preferred instead make them useful and interesting for the reader’s convenience. Now, as for the formatting of the website content, your target should be to make the content readable and easy for the audience.

3.   Internal Linking of The Web Pages

Another vital on-page SEO technique is internal linking the pages of your website. This process ultimately boosts the visibility of your web pages without putting in the extra effort.

When you add internal links in the web pages, it helps search engines to take other pages into account as well. Alternatively, internal linking also helps search engines to categorize which web page is most important.

4.   Utilizing Schema When Needed

One of the on-page SEO tactics that work in favour of increasing the clickability of a website is schema markup. The Schema Markup gives information to search engines about what your website has got to offer.

However, it is essential to keep a note that Schema Markup should not be used on every web page. It is to be utilized only for those web pages that require increased traffic.

5.   Ensuring Pages to Load Faster

Last but not the least, website speed matters a lot for effective on-page SEO. Your website must load as fast as possible and for all the right reasons.

Fast-loading websites are more capable of customer retention and conversions. Therefore, next time you start optimizing your website, make sure to also keep your focus on improving its loading speed.

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