Learning LinkedIn – Tools That Help Recruiters to Hire

LinkedIn is one of the most widely used networks all over the world for hiring new candidates. Used in more than 200+ countries, it is one of the most genuine platforms with job opportunities. However, the way LinkedIn has been used in the past has changed.

Now, other than hiring candidates, you can even share new content ideas and post on LinkedIn. Recruitment specialists both experienced and fresh tend to utilise the use of LinkedIn and hire the best candidates. But at times, the algorithm of LinkedIn can be a little tricky. So here are a few tips that you can use to get new recruitments.

LinkedIn Recruiter

This is a basic premium valued subscription that has been designed for big companies. Customers using this get full access to the names and profiles of potential candidates. Additionally, you also get an advancement of researching about 1000results.

When you subscribe to this premium you get the advanced feature as well. Proper application of filters helps you to select company size, experience and current designation of candidates. It also comes with 50 InMials for every month along with search alerts.

Jobs Network

When you choose to use the Jobs Network feature of LinkedIn, it allows you to expand your network of candidates. It offers you the value to get a glimpse of other opportunities in the job market. Every company that posts job alerts gets additional analytics related to the same.

This analytics in a way helps you to understand the exact type of candidate and their value. You can even keep an eye on who is viewing your job advertisement and their current role. This helps to target the best professionals for the work.

Career pages on LinkedIn

Many people think that the only place where their job postings appear is on the widgets of the sidebar. But in reality, you can check it out on the LinkedIn career pages as well. To ensure that you are using the right career page, you need to choose a job slot to allow you with different features. Some of these include the following:

  • Ability to change job posting daily
  • Keeping a position open for more than 30 days at a time
  • Recommendations of more than 50 candidates for every post
  • Easy tracking of recruiting campaigns

Web Ads for Jobs:

When you opt for this premium feature, it automatically lets your job application appear in front of the best-qualified candidates. You can even distribute your jobs to several websites. Through the use of this feature, you can readily reach passive candidates. Passive candidates are people who are not looking for job opportunities widely but are open to job changes. LinkedIn usually uses a combination of data and targeting proper criteria to display advertisements for candidates.

Customised company pages

Each organisation, big or small is always in a need of a proper customised page for their company. It usually provides information about products and job postings with detailed analytics. You also get the following option when unlocking this premium feature. Thereby, any customer or candidate can even follow your company page for the latest updates. Candidates clicking the follow option get prompt alerts on the company every new posting.

Advertising work with us

The simplest yet significant way of recruiting new candidates is by posting ‘work with us”. Back in the days there was no control over the advertisements you see in the sidebar of your employee profile.

But now you do have a way out, so utilise it! If you have decided to start your “work with us” option on LinkedIn, just contact them and provide them with your creative materials. Once the entire “work with us” is created it will be advertised on all of your employee’s profiles. This way you can indirectly get more candidates that are the best fit for the role.

Use these features and get the best candidates on board for your project to flourish within the minimum period

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