What Is Black Hat SEO and Why You Must Avoid It in 2022

So, what is this Black hat Seo? Many people used to believe that SEO was a deceptive marketing approach based on misleading search results into ...
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5 Reasons Why Businesses Need to Invest in Geo-Fencing in 2022

Geofencing, which allows businesses to target prospective clients within a defined geographic radius, has taken mobile marketing to a new extreme. Technology has shown to ...
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4 Crucial Lessons We Can Learn from Neil Patel’s Success

Neil Patel has been a prominent name in the digital marketing and e-commerce industry for a good number of years, sharing advice with the rest ...
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Learning LinkedIn – Tools That Help Recruiters to Hire

LinkedIn is one of the most widely used networks all over the world for hiring new candidates. Used in more than 200+ countries, it is ...
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The Role of Emotional Intelligence in Improving Workplace Behavior

It is a human ability that helps the individual to use, understand and even manage own emotions in a positive way. Emotional intelligence is essential ...
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