Does Social Media Have ANY Positive Effect on Students?

The pandemic has brought many changes in our lives. One of the changes which none of us can ignore is the role of social media.

Social media and students – does it have any positive effects?

The question arises because these days we see almost everyone above the age of 15 having a social media profile. Spending hours on Instagram reels, Facebook surfing, YouTube and other social channels is something that is becoming common.

What is in store for students?

Before, when social media was introduced, it worked as a method of communication. But as the days rolled, social media has also changed from being just a platform for communication to a platform that is used for marketing and learning. The world is becoming smaller and by the use of technology, the way of getting educated is also changing. Social media and education can complement each other if used effectively but they also have negative effects.

Social media has become a vital part of any student’s social life. Many schools consider social media as a learning platform that enhances student capabilities and engagement. These platforms help students to connect, get in touch, access information and do research.

So, let’s discuss the positive effects that social media delivers to students.

Provides an opportunity to learn online

With the advanced use of technology, gone are the days when we had to travel miles to get a degree. Nowadays, everything is online and we can easily get an education just by watching educational videos on YouTube.

Speaking of YouTube, it is a great platform to watch videos that will help you to educate yourself in different ways. Also, not to forget, e-books, online classes and video calling are some of the effective ways that can help a student to learn and gain knowledge. Distance learning is also one of the best ways to learn from any top-notch organisation by just sitting at your home.

These are all the things that are possible just because of social media. The wish to study and access the internet is all that is needed.

Instant access to reliable information

Before we used to visit libraries to find any sort of information but now, with the access of Google, we have all the information right in the palm of our hands. You just need to search for the right topic on which you need information. Moreover, resources over the internet are very helpful when you don’t get the information from a library.

Social media has also made it possible to find sample papers as well as useful guidelines on how to complete assignments in the right way. Social media also delivers instant knowledge about anything happening in the world which is a great way to increase your general knowledge.

Effective device for academic performance

When students used to get assignments that they have to do with a group before they have to travel to meet them so that they can complete their assignments. This process was very hectic and time-consuming. But with social media, they can easily create a group where they can share any kind of information and discuss if someone had a problem that can be solved in no time.

Also, if needed they can easily do a video call to get relevant information and in this way, they can easily submit the assignment on time which is really great to improve academic performance.

Enhances creative activities

Who says that social media cannot make you creative? Nowadays we have seen many influencers on Instagram and YouTube where they create contents that are not only fun to watch but also creative. Students use social media to reveal their talents through a lot of these platforms which is very great to share their hobbies and later choose it as a career if they can realize their potential. In this way, they become creative in different ways which is very beneficial for them.

So, here are the points which show that social media can have a positive effect on students but if you use it to distract yourself, then it will always be negative for you and this totally depends upon an individual’s choice.


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