Reasons Why Google Can Ban Your Website from Search

Google search is considered to be one of the most popular search engines and it is no secret to anyone and to maintain the quality of search results, Google sometimes bans many websites from appearing in the search results. They ban websites that are usually spamming sites or the quality of these sites are low and most of the time it is seen that these sites were created intentionally but the reasons to ban the website happened by mistake.

So, if you own a website, you must know the reasons which can give Google the opportunity to ban your website and Google does this to make sure that people who search on Google are safe from any kind of malicious thing.

So, here are some reasons why Google can ban your website from search.

Your website is hacked

One of the primary reasons for Google to ban your website from the search is when they sense that your website is hacked. A lot of times, it is seen that the owner of any website is completely unaware of the fact that their website is hacked because hackers generally add tons of spammy links that are typically not visible. So, if you notice any kind of unusual pop-ups or links that are not created by you, then it is time to scan your website.

Posting duplicate content

If you post duplicate content, then it can be a risk to your website. Google bots are so smart that they will eventually find your content and lower the rankings of your website and eventually kill it. This happens with bloggers who are new to the field as they usually copy-paste from other popular blogs in order to drive fast traffic. That is why you must try to post original and fresh content as this will not only give your website a better ranking but also help your content to be original and creative.

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Using easy tricks to drive traffic

Driving traffic is one of the most important things that any website owner wants but to get traffic fast, many of them use spam scripts or free traffic exchange methods. So, if you are thinking of using such things then you must be prepared to get your site banned from Google. These sites pretend that your information is safe with them but they don’t actually keep it and this can eventually get your site banned. That is why you should always have patience and use legal techniques to drive traffic and never go for easy.

Keyword spamming or stuffing

To get better search engine results or drive traffic to your website, you must use keywords. This is a great process to drive traffic to your website. But there is one thing that you need to make sure of while using keywords and that is to use keywords appropriately. If you spam your content with keywords or use keywords in every sentence then you will be doing keyword stuffing. This way Google can use a filter to lower the ranking of your website or ban it completely. That is why the best way to do it is to rotate your keywords so that you don’t get into any kind of trouble.

Providing backlinks but not bad links

If you try to link any suspicious site that has already been banned from search to your content, then you might face a ban on your website. These sites include websites that are used by spammers to install unwanted malware or spyware on user computers. So, you must avoid sites such as adult sites or gambling sites linking to your content so that you can be safe from a ban.

Following these steps will make sure that your website gets a better search ranking and stays away from the ban.


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