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Once you are done with your blogging course, your first desire is obviously to have a blog of your own.

Now, the question is – which is the right platform for your blog? Where would you post your blog. Do you need to pay something for starting on the platform? We have it all covered for you so that you can start your blog today.

Whether you wish to blog professionally or as a hobby, there are many blogging platforms that are available for you.

Are you passionate about sketching your thoughts and letting the world know about them? If yes, you need to start blogging as soon as possible. Of course, the sharing of the blog might be simple with your audiences like friends and families or a group of an unknown audience.

But the main thing is to get started and keep following your passion. To ensure that you start with your passion and succeed, we have listed a few great sites where you can start for free.


This is a free website builder which can be completely managed for free from front to end. The main characteristic that makes it popular among the audience is the drag and drop option. Therefore, customers don’t have to handle almost anything in the back-end. The entire design and presentation of the website are extremely modern and intuitive, making it one of the best for anyone to use.

The best thing about Wix is that it has free hosting included in it. Therefore, users only need to choose a template, arrange the layout, and they are set to go. You get several types of themes for blogging included in the free and premium collection. To launch the Wix blog, you need to sign up and start with a chosen template. Customers can add several multimedia widgets like typographies, menus, and video boxes as per their needs.

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WordPress is very popular among content creators these days. You need to start blogging by hosting the software yourself and getting with it. Now, you might find some free WordPress hosting, but a better strategy is to pay a definite amount for a solid WordPress host. Now, as you are hosting the software page in this blog yourself, you will have complete control over it. Most bloggers prefer to use this as their go-to blogging as it is very easy to set up and free to use.


 You might be a little confused about this coming along your way, right? Well, it is, and it is not to some extent! The two basic reasons to start your blogging career on LinkedIn are that it is easy to use and has a pre-existing audience. The audience here is most active and aware of their connections. This proves the fact that your blog won’t be unnoticed like other blog pages. It has been reported that more than 30 million businesses are active on LinkedIn. Thereby, in short, LinkedIn is the platform that could provide you with the additional exposure that you were looking for.


This is a website builder that you can use for your blog write-ups and to sell products or showcase portfolios. In this platform, you also get the easy use of drag and drop values like Wix. If you want to add some buttons, you can only drag and place them to customize them as per your need. This same drag and drop format could be used for photos and galleries as well. This platform comes with additional built-in analytics and lets the customer use their custom domains.


 If you are looking for a diverse platform to manage your topics, Medium is where you need to be. On this platform, almost anyone with any varied account can write depending on their passion. The best reason to switch to this blogging platform is that you get very much exposure here as it is visited by 60 million readers worldwide per month. The user guide is also extremely simple, and pretty much anyone can use it without a hassle.

Now, you have a list of blogging sites that you can choose to go with and start your creative journey.

So, what are you waiting for? Choose any one of the above-mentioned blogging platforms and get creative!

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