Struggles of Getting Traffic to a New Blog – Techniques That Can Work 100%

Online Blogging Course – Learn How to Get Traffic to a New Blog

Digital marketers are often handed over a situation or a project where they need to solve the problem of a new blog not getting readership or views. It means that the blog is not getting enough traffic.

Any online blogging course teaches students all tips and tricks to get traffic to a new blog.

Every writer who has hosted or written a blog has faced the common issue where they have tried to gain readership. Anyone with a writing ability can write engaging content. But the frustration comes when you need to bring enough traffic to your blogs. You cannot just sit and hope that readers will magically come to your website and read your content. To get the traffic you need to put some effort even after writing impressive content.

Suppose you have written a blog and uploaded it to your website. Now you are thinking about how you can get people to read your content. It is not that difficult to get noticed if you follow certain methods and that is why here are some techniques by which you can drive traffic to your new blog.

Using social media to promote:

First and foremost, what you have to do is share your blog on social media. Nowadays people are more active on social media than any other activity. Sharing your blog on social media will help it to get more views and shares. People can also tag others if they find it engaging which will bring more viewers, therefore, increasing your traffic. This is very beneficial as it not only gives you traffic for your new content but also helps you to gain loyal readers who will definitely read your future content.

Writing Attractive Titles:

The title is a great way to attract readers as it serves as a doorway to your content. It is more important than the content itself as it works as an attention seeker for the readers. If your title fails to attract readers, then they won’t even click on your blog to read the rest. Imagine, you went to buy a product at a store and the product couldn’t attract you with its looks, would you buy it? No, you won’t. The same goes for blogging and that is why writing an engaging title for your new blog is very essential.

Including Keywords:

While writing a blog, you must always remember that you need certain keywords that can help you to get better search engine rankings. Better search engine ranking means your blog will be at the top of the search list and it will get discovered frequently among other links. Keywords are one of the easiest ways to drive traffic as it is the heart of SEO.

Social sharing buttons

Adding social sharing buttons at the top or bottom of your blog post makes it easier for readers to share your content to different social media. This in fact helps your blog to get spread among others which helps your blog to get more views and gain more traffic. If your readers find your blog to be engaging, they would want to share that with others. So, adding social sharing buttons will be very helpful.

Adding links:

While writing your blog, if you are mentioning any product or service, then it is better to include a link to the company’s page. This is because Google prefers to see outbound links on any website and the company’s link you mention may also notice which can be beneficial as they would also share your content on their website which can give you more traffic than usual.

Also, people appreciate it when you include certain product links which makes it easier for them to find.

There are numerous other ways of driving traffic to your new blog. But the main thing is besides writing, you also must follow these tips so that your content can get proper traffic.

How Do You Get More Traffic to Your Blog in 2022?

Do you know that every day more than 10 million blogs are posted by bloggers? How will your blog stand out or how will your readers find your blog?

It is 2022 and bloggers need to work harder – here are some of the many things that you can try to get more traffic to your new blog.

  • Write long-form content – Write your blogs of a minimum of 2000 words. It is known that Google is showing preference towards long-form content.
  • Trending Topics – Choose topics that people are searching for now and write on them.
  • Use Blog Headlines That are Long and Unique
  • You can also reuse content from other popular blog posts
  • Try to guest blog on authority sites
  • You should optimize your blogs for SEO.
  • Share your content on social media websites

That’s not all, there are many ways you can promote each of your blogs for FREE that can help in bringing the traffic.

Comment on Other Blogs:

Do you know when you choose to interact with other bloggers or blogs, you gain because you will get traffic back to your site.

However, this does not mean you will write comments like ‘Good post’ or ‘Nice Blog’. You need to write comments that add value and written after reading the post. You might be allowed to link back to your website.

Add Website to Directories:

You can also add your website to other directories.

Post Regularly:

If you wish to get regular readers to your blog, you need to post on a regular basis. You can prepare a content calendar and post as per predetermined dates. You can plan out topics in advance, do the research and then come up with high-quality content.

Make your Content Attractive:

It is necessary to keep your readers attracted to your blog. You can use images, tables, infographics, and more to make the blog visually appealing.

You can learn more about blogging courses online.

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