What is HubSpot Content Marketing

HubSpot content marketing can be a new term for many.

The entire concept of searching on a search engine has relatively changed with each passing day. Gone are the days when the search was dependent on the right selection of keywords. Now, it is much more topic-oriented and much longer. Although the way of searching has changed, the pattern of content writing or creation remains the same. A definite way you can resort to a positive outlook is by evolving content effectively.

The content strategy tool introduced by HubSpot just does the right thing to get your content under the radar. This article provides a definite knowledge about the tool and how you can use it.

Effective determination of the right topics:

The HubSpot content marketing helps the users decide and determine the exact topic you need to work upon. Once you create a profile in HubSpot, you can navigate the profile under marketing planning to decide upon the content strategy. It would help if you remembered that for HubSpot, a good core topic is mostly for inbound marketing to identify the customers or business. Thereby, you will be able to choose the topic very easily.

Choosing and creating the pillar page:

Once you have decided upon the topic, it is time to create the right content. Now, the pillar pages are content that you already have or are deciding to create. The strategy tool will help you find any topic that is exactly relevant to the topic you searched. In case you select the new strategy, it will create a new pillar page. The best thing is you can find free templates here to start creating your content.

Adding right subtopic:

The importance of core topics is known to most people. However, they fail to understand the subtopics and how they can help you make your content special. Normally, the subtopics are important to focus on the long-tailed keywords. However, a simple way to detail the subtopic is to use a synonym to the core topic. This way, you are sticking to the original content but providing a unique style to it.

Linking content to the cluster:

Are you thinking, why links are important to your cluster? Well, because the blog posts will help to attract several social traffic and searches. You need to remember that when you are marketing the content, it is the pillar page that will be the exact conversion point to direct each traffic. When you have already attached the blog post to a subtopic, the content marketing will be more initiated with better search results.

Deciding on what to write:

There are numerous topics which you can write about from the internet. However, the level of value you get from each of these writings differs from one to another. To make it a bit simpler, you need to target the topics your audience wants to read about. The content marketing strategy in HubSpot helps you identify the right topic and monthly search volume to improve website traffic.

You are now aware of the proper use of HubSpot content marketing, right? Then utilize it according to your own needs.

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