Non-Technical Online Courses For Housewives

No, online courses are not just for management students or those who wish to improve their technical knowledge. In fact, in the present times, there are scores of non-technical online courses for girls, home-makers, stay at home moms and others who need certificates for something they are passionate about.

Online Cooking Courses with Certificate

One of the most popular online class is that of cooking. Popular providers like Udemy offers a number of online courses that include cooking lessons. Students learn everything from chopping, cutting, mixing, cooking diet meals, baking and more. All these can be learnt from the comfort of your own home.

What are the different Cooking Courses Available Online?

Various types of cooking courses and online guidance is provided to those who are interested. These includes learning different techniques and ways to improve culinary skills.

  • Knife handling tips
  • Art of cake decoration
  • Cutting and chopping techniques
  • Safety and sanitation
  • Table Setting tips
  • Banquet and catering operations
  • Hospitality management

Is baking and cooking a good career option?

Yes, baking and cooking does offer great growth opportunities. You can choose to have your own business or get job in a reputed restaurant or hotel. It all depends on how well you learn the skills and how dedicated and sincere you are.

Online Makeup Courses

Online makeup schools offer a wide range of courses for students who are passionate about makeup. Through the courses, students learn the fundamentals of makeup and how to apply makeup for any occasion. On successful completion of the course, students are often awarded a certificate which does boost their career and gives a boost to their confidence.

Makeup courses can be completed from anywhere you are. Take your time and learn at your own place. You may be a beginner or an aspiring professional, courses are available for all.

Online Gardening Classes

If you love gardening, why not learn how to grow your plants better? Gardening courses are often taken up by those who love gardening and love to know more. These classes cover a wide range of topics such as:

  • Gardening organization
  • Growing plants, maintaining the garden and taking care of plants
  • Learning the variety of soils
  • Indoor gardening essentials
  • Seasonal gardening
  • Fertilizers – How to make, How to use, Application, Usefulness
  • Garden decoration

These courses are just perfect for anyone. Whether you are a beginner or you have been gardening since ages, these classes are definitely worth the time spent. The classes are usually broken down to short lessons and practical classes.

Are there free dance apps?

Yes, for those who are looking forward to free classes can try the following apps.

  • Pocket Salsa – This is a free app
  • Learn To Dance – There are variety of dance styles which can be learnt by using the app.

Will a dance certificate help in getting a job?

Yes, why not? If you can dance with passion and if you can master the skill, you can get a job with your dancing skills. You can be employed in the following places:

  • As a choreographer
  • As a dance teacher
  • Be a personal dance trainer
  • Perform on stage

These were some of the most common online courses which do not require technical skills and knowledge but can help in attaining knowledge. These courses can help you in establishing yourself and earning money.


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