Basic Computer Skills That are a Must for Employment

With the increased use of mobile phones and hand-held devices, it is easy to carry out tasks online. We can now compose and send emails, fill in forms, read books, search for information, chat, listen to music, watch movies, create videos and do so many other things – all with the help of a mobile device.

However, no matter how well versed you are in using your mobile phone or tab, if you are looking for employment, you will need certain computer skills. The kind of computer skills you require depends on the job or the position you are applying for.

Computer skills can be classified into many categories such as:

  • Skills for beginners – basic skills
  • Intermediate skills
  • Advanced skills
  • Professional skills and knowledge

However, it is still a relative term and companies might be looking for some specific skills for a certain position. Thus, professionals often prefer to keep themselves updated with the latest skills and software so that they never miss out on opportunities.

What are basic computer skills?

For employment purposes, it is a must that a candidate knows the basic operations of a computer. This includes thorough knowledge and confidence in doing the following:

  • Starting, restarting and shutting down a computer
  • Knowing basic tasks like printing out documents, operating a scanning machine and more.
  • Basic operations related to creating files, folders, sending emails, surfing the net, typing, searching and similar skills.
  • Basic social media skills
  • General web skills
  • Troubleshooting

These are the basics that everyone needs to know when applying for a job as a beginner or a fresher.

Thus, taking care of all such requirements, there are many online computer courses that teach the basics of computer operations. These courses can be of 2-4 weeks duration and depend on what you wish to learn.

What computer skills should I put on my resume?

Employers usually look for some computer skills when hiring candidates. To demonstrate your computer knowledge and skills, you need to mention them on your resume quite effectively. You can also put down examples of projects where such skills were used.

This helps in showing your value to any employer. It also helps them to understand the technologies you are familiar with. Here are some of the computer skills which employers look for in any resume and which you must put in your resume.

  • Social Media Skills
  • Knowledge of spreadsheets
  • Proficiency in using communication tools
  • Computer programming skills
  • Database management skills
  • Word pressing tools
  • Desktop publishing tools
  • Presentation tools

Basic Computer Skills Examples To Get a Job

Freshers who are thinking about applying for jobs, need to have some basic computer skills which include:

  • Basic Computer operations (starting, power off, restarting, using equipment like printers and scanners)
  • Searching the web, Email
  • File management Skills
  • Spreadsheet and Word Document management
  • Use of basic communication tools
  • Social Media Platforms

How do you describe your level of computer skills?

We often find it tough to describe our computer literacy because our proficiency tends to vary. For instance, you might be an expert with spreadsheets, but you might just have basic word processing skills. Similarly, you might have beginners’ knowledge in social media. Thus, you can use phrases like ‘Proficient’, ‘Expert’ ‘Beginner’, Advanced level knowledge and so on in describing your skills.

Thus, you will be honest in describing your position and your employer too will understand your proficiency. If you do this, you will not face any kind of problem later.

What are some of the advanced computer skills needed for employment?

Advanced level computer skills include:

  • Expertise in programming language
  • Designing and Graphics knowledge
  • Knowledge and high proficiency in database tools

What are the most useful computer skills?

There are a few computer skills which are most useful because no matter what work you do; you will need these skills. The most useful computer skills are:

  • Basic Internet Skills (searching, Email management, computer operations)
  • Spreadsheet Skills
  • Word Processing skills

Online Basic Computer Courses After 10th

If you are thinking about doing an online basic computer course after the 10th, you have different options. You can start with basic computer operations, then move ahead and learn software for office management, file management, graphic designing and a lot more.

Basic computer courses for beginners are a good well to get trained with basic computer skills. These are definitely the courses for future.




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