How to Apply for Google Ads Certification

How to apply for Google ads certification

Google ads certification is one of the most valuable certificates that are considered by every industry. Moreover, it is considered one of the most important credentials in the current market. Surely, it is an entire batch to highlight your work value and expertise. Google ads certification is a process through which Google recognizes the experts in the online advertising forums. Once you pass the exams, you get a personalized certificate from the company. 

Thereby, you can easily contribute to the Google partner’s credentials through this. This article reflects on how you can apply for this certification and get a certificate for yourself. 

Creating an official account: 

It is important for you to understand which Google account you will be using for your certification. If you are a company representative, you can choose to work with the official email address itself. 

In other cases, the personal account might be the one that you need to go with. Remember to use the account solely for this purpose to avoid any mishandling of information. 

Getting started with skill shop:

Once you have selected a Google account, try to sign out from other accounts. Now, it is time to move on to the skill shop and certification list. There are several specified certifications available for each person. You can choose whoever certificate is perfect for you and start the setup.

 If this is your first time in the Google certification program, you will be represented with prompt service to accept. Once you accept it, it will help you to prepare for the exam. 

Preparing correctly for exams:

The next step is to prepare correctly for the examination. The Google ads specified lists include the following: 

  • Measurement 
  • Stopping ads 
  • Display
  • Search 
  • Apps

Once you choose a specified exam, you also get to train yourself accordingly. First, a quick knowledge assessment followed with the training helps students to configure for the assessment. Take time to understand the training specialization and then follow up to get a better result. 

Passing the assessments:

You can finally become certified personnel once you pass the assessment to the certification specialties. Once you pass the exam, you get a specific certificate related to your study. It is completely up to you whether you want to stop with one specialization or continue with more. But be sure to be properly prepared before appearing for the exams. 

Connecting with Google partners:

This is optional and has changed considerably from its actual use in 2020. This is actually for people who want to connect their account to the main company account. This will help you with more credits and better benefits to sharing your company. You can edit your profile details from the skill shop and change your profile. You need to understand that the partnership process keeps changing according to the Google skill shop needs and values. 

Lastly, after you have become a certified Google ads certification specialist, you will be hired by managers according to your skill evolution and value. 


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