Basics of LinkedIn Marketing

LinkedIn is the largest resource for any B2B marketers on a single note. It has almost 660 million registered professionals and the number is continuously increasing.

Now, you might be thinking about why LinkedIn is a marketing platform, right?

Well, several marketers have been helped using this platform. In comparison to Facebook, LinkedIn generates about 277% more leads in a better way. Therefore, if you have a business or need to promote a brand, LinkedIn should be your first choice.

To help you out further, we have listed down some basics you need to follow while using LinkedIn as a marketing platform.


Right optimization of profile 


It’s the first step of using LinkedIn. This step might feel like the most basic one but is very important to consider because your profile works for you. Whether you are operating a personal account or a company page, you need to make your profile noticeable to the audience. This will ensure your chances of getting noticed in the market.

So, a little tip to follow is to use a relevant picture in your profile to make it stand out from the rest. Keep your picture professional and clear.

Publishing value-adding content 


When you have decided to engage in the marketing on LinkedIn, you need to be more about adding proper value to the lives of your audience. Thereby, you need to avoid sales-based promotional posts. Instead, try to post creative and innovative content that can attract audiences. You need to make sure that your content is better and engaging than your competitor.

It is also important that you share content that carries meaning to your industry. Do not just share anything and everything that you come across. It won’t help because others will not follow you.

Remember, LinkedIn is a professional network and you need to be one.


Getting your employees involved 


Every social media platform helps users to connect. You need to make sure that you can make your connections strong. One way to do it is by involving your employee to play a role in broadening the network. Make it a point to encourage employees to add the company name to their profile. This will help them to be noticed under a brand.

Further, it will also enhance the connectivity for your brand. Your companies’ brand will reach a much larger audience than usual. Try to also involved in creating posts and activities to keep up the hype among the employees.


Running advertisements with matching audience features 


This is a measure through which you get to target the most relevant users when you run ads. Through the help of the matched audience feature, you get to retarget people who have already visited your website once. This feature helps get better help, as the audiences you are targeting are already interested in your brand.

Thereby, the probability of getting positive feedback increases to a higher value.  Click here to get started with LinkedIn ads.

Using visual marketing elements


It is true that LinkedIn is a professional media platform. However, that does not mean that you need to stick to only texts while posting content. Instead, try to make things interesting by using images and videos that people can connect to. This adds a visual representation to the entire content. There are also several types of illustrations available in the market; try to use those for your band to increase users’ engagement.

If this sounds interesting, here are some questions which people often ask about LinkedIn Marketing.

We have tried to answer several of these questions.


I am a beginner! How Can a Beginner Use LinkedIn?


As a beginner, you will have to start by setting your profile. No, you simply cannot copy paste your CV. It doesn’t work that way if you want to stand out.

Select your photo with caution. It should be clear and professional.

Highlight all your skills and ensure that some of your skills are endorsed. This will help in creating credibility.

Be active on LinkedIn. Do not visit LinkedIn just to post updates or talk about yourself. Engage with others, take part in conversations and be a part of the group.

The key is to build connections and stay active.

How is LinkedIn Used for Marketing?


If it is about generating leads, nothing can be better than LinkedIn. Lead generation is one of the prime objectives of any online business. If there are no leads, there will be no business.

It’s huge competition there online and if you do not do your best, you are certainly not going to make it. LinkedIn is the way to identify leads, engage the leads and then turn all leads into customers. The scope of LinkedIn is huge, but one needs to learn the techniques.


Is LinkedIn Marketing Effective for Everyone?


If you have an online business and you wish to reach out to your customers, then LinkedIn is one platform that will help you do that.

Results reveal that at least 45% of marketers were helped with customer acquisition. In fact, 80% of B2B leads are through LinkedIn. Also, 50% of social traffic coming to B2B sites is through LinkedIn.

Can I use LinkedIn for FREE To Promote my Business?


Yes, you can easily use LinkedIn for promoting your business. There are a few steps you need to just follow.

  • First, you need to optimize your personal profile. Your main aim might be to promote your business on LinkedIn, but you need to promote your personal profile first. Your visitors will first check out your personal profile.
  • Next step is to create your business or company page.
  • You need to Create LinkedIn Posts
  • Be active on Various LinkedIn Groups
  • Keep posting Engaging Updates

Can I learn LinkedIn Marketing?


 Yes, there are many courses online that help students learn LinkedIn Marketing. There are certificate courses available. Short term courses on LinkedIn Marketing can help in learning the basics.


Are LinkedIn Learning Courses Worth It?


Remember, learning never goes waste. Learning LinkedIn does help, and it is definitely worth it. You can spend a few hours every week to learn new skills or to enhance the skills you have already.

Can I get a Job with LinkedIn Certification?


You can add information about the LinkedIn certificate course in your resume. Your employer will notice your learning in the skill section. If your resume is professional and you have the right cover letter, the certification will certainly help in the progress of your career.

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