Online Business Degrees by Top 10 US Universities


Students all over the world dream about getting a management degree from a U.S University. However, when it comes to selecting the college for a degree, students are often confused and cannot decide.

The good news is that there are several leading US Universities that offer online management degree programs for students. It is the same curriculum with the same teaching modules as available on their campuses.

Distance learning or online learning programs are now gaining immense popularity all over the world. This is mainly because of its immense flexibility, allowing students to learn and work at the same time. Millions of professionals and students all over the world are now opting for online management degrees for knowledge and to boost their career goals.

Students are advised to choose Universities and degrees with great caution. There are plenty of low-quality online programs that are available quite cheap but do not provide the same quality education as offered by leading universities of the world.

Here are the top universities offering online management courses for students in the USA.

New York University


University of Michigan


University of California


University of North Carolina


University of Illinois


Carnegie Melon University


Boston University


Pennsylvania State University


Minnesota University


University of Southern California


There are several other leading Universities where students can enrol for online management degrees. These universities include:

These were some of the top universities offering online management degrees for students.