Learn Social Media Marketing – How to Use Instagram Ads for Your Business?

Instagram is one of the best social networking sites to advertise on. Since the rise of digital marketing, social media networks have become a platform where businesses advertise their products in a lot of different ways. They not only use to advertise their products but also promotes their businesses for better leads. And Instagram is no different from these.

It provides various different formats by which you can advertise your brand and your products which is a great deal for many business owners. Instagram helps to be creative and unique by which people can advertise their content. But one thing you need to remember is that to get successful on Instagram, you need to create visually stunning and high-quality photos and videos.

But the question is how do you use Instagram Ads for promoting your business. Well, there are a lot of different ways how you can use it and here are those.

Photo Ads

Definitely, you can create photo Ads for promoting your business on Instagram. It is common just like other social media. Normally when you open Instagram, you will come across numerous photos that come up on your feed. But how do you understand which one is an advertisement? You see, an Instagram ad looks like any other photos that you see on your wall but there will be a “Sponsored” notation in the corner which lets people know that they are looking at an ad. This ad includes an action button below it which can lead you to the specific URL which they a promoting when clicked on it. These are very useful when you have an expressive photo to share your message and keeping it simple will help you grab people’s attention and also to stand out.

Carousel Ads

Carousel Ads takes photo ads to a whole new different level. It lets you post 10 different photos or videos in a single ad. It is basically the same as the photo ad but with each photo, you will be redirected to different URLs. This helps you to promote and showcase various different products in a single advertisement which is really exciting.

But one might get confused about which is better, carousel ads or photo ads. To be fair, when you have a single product to promote, then photo ads will be better but if you are thinking of promoting a series of collections then carousel ads will be the best choice. In carousel ads, photos should work together with each other as a unit and make sense which is an important thing to keep in mind.

Video Ads

Video ads are another format by which you can advertise on Instagram. Just like photo and carousel ads, they appear on the feed. Video ads let you post ads that are as short as ten seconds or can go up to sixty minutes which totally depends on your thoughts. But with video ads, you have to keep some things in mind.

You can make a video about your products and provide a lot of information either to entertain or educate or you can create a short teaser just to make people aware of your brand. Since videos help you share many moving contents, you must remember that people will have to stop scrolling in order to view the ad and that is why you have to provide content that can easily grab their attention quickly in the video.

Using Instagram for promoting your business can benefit you in a lot of ways as they can help you to reach many users in a single minute and you have a lot of different ways to promote your brand.

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