Top 5 Soft Skills To Master

21st Century is an era of tough competition on a daily basis. Knowledge or professional qualification does not guarantee success. One factor that makes one stand out from others is the presence of more number of soft skills. Lets us dwell upon what Soft skills are and also top 5 soft skills to master.

Soft skills are defined as productive personal traits or characteristics, that enable us to adapt to social environment and develop Interpersonal Relationships. Few experts term it as a person’s emotional intelligence quotient. The soft skills enable us to interact with others in our personal and professional surroundings and provide a synergistic effect when combined with technical skills.

Lets us now focus on Top 5 Skills that can contribute towards our development.

  1. Communication Skills
  2. Leadership
  3. Self – Awareness
  4. Creativity and Adaptability
  5. Emotional Intelligence

Let us understand briefly about all the soft skills .

Communication Skills :-

As mentioned already, technical skills add to our knowledge or expertise on the subject but the cutting edge is provided by communication skills being mastered and used in the most appropriate way in our surroundings. It can be verbal, oral, written, digital or through common forum. Along with all this, the body language and attitude add to the communication skill enhancement. One needs to master all these skills consciously and make them part of life on a daily basis to be an expert.


One of the most relevant soft skills in today’s context is Leadership. Leading the way in whatever you do will enhance your image and acceptance will be more for your opinion. Leadership skills in us will provide confidence to the people around us.

Self Awareness :-

Self Awareness is a difficult soft skill to master. It requires right mindset and willingness to be open to criticism and feedback from the other people to develop this soft skill. This skill will help us not only to be ready for my current role and responsibility but also allow me to plan my future development, needed to excel in what I do. Self Awareness helps one to become more confident and helps in decision making.

Creativity and Adaptability:-

Human mindset looks for newness and innovation in everything and change is the only constant factor in our surrounding. Hence mastering soft skills like Creativity will help us to be innovative. Adaptability will ensure that I can meet up to the demands of change happening regularly. 

Emotional Intelligence :-

Emotional Intelligence is the ability to control our own emotions and also to understand the emotion of others. This soft skill helps us build strong relationships and also reach our Personal and Professional Goals. 

As mentioned in the beginning, there are plenty of Soft skills for one to master, but the most relevant ones have been captured here to provide a food for thought to all of us.

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