Online Business Degrees by Top 10 US Universities


Students all over the world dream about getting a management degree from a U.S University. However, when it comes to selecting the college for a degree, students are often confused and cannot decide.

The good news is that there are several leading US Universities that offer online management degree programs for students. It is the same curriculum with the same teaching modules as available on their campuses.

Distance learning or online learning programs are now gaining immense popularity all over the world. This is mainly because of its immense flexibility, allowing students to learn and work at the same time. Millions of professionals and students all over the world are now opting for online management degrees for knowledge and to boost their career goals.

Students are advised to choose Universities and degrees with great caution. There are plenty of low-quality online programs that are available quite cheap but do not provide the same quality education as offered by leading universities of the world.

Here are the top universities offering online management courses for students in the USA.

New York University


  • Featured amongst the top 20 Universities of the world.
  • Popular courses – Business & Management and Accounting & Finance.
  • Online master’s degree programs are available in HRM or Human Resources and Management Development, Professional Writing and Management & Systems.

University of Michigan


  • Ranked 23rd in the World.
  • Popular courses – Business Management
  • Online Bachelor’s Degree available in Business Management and Master’s degree is available in Accounting.

University of California


  • Ranked 27th in the world.
  • The online education branch is known as BRCOE or Berkley Resource Center for Online Education.
  • Blended learning programs and online master’s degrees are available.
  • Professional Certificate programs are available for students in marketing, financial management and macroeconomics.

University of North Carolina


  • Ranked 62nd in the world.
  • Popular courses are Finance and Accounting.
  • Online Master’s degree and bachelor’s degree programs are available for students. Students can specialize in subjects like Agriculture Management.

University of Illinois


  • Ranked 63rd in the world.
  • An online MBA degree is available along with a Master’s degree in Taxation.

Carnegie Melon University


  • Ranks 65th in the world
  • The most popular courses are Accounting and Business Management.
  • Students can study online in various formats which include part-time learning, full-time learning and dual degree.

Boston University


  • Ranks 78th in the world.
  • Online master’s degree programs are available for students in management and computing.
  • Other courses offered include doctoral programs, certificates, and undergraduate courses.

Pennsylvania State University


  • Ranks within the top 100 Universities of the USA for economics and business.
  • Students can choose from a wide range of bachelor and master’s degree programs.
  • Online degree programs are available for students in different subjects that include human resources, public administration, and finance.

Minnesota University


  • Ranked 119 across the world.
  • The online campus known as Digital Campus offers its numerous online degrees.
  • Students can get degrees in engineering, computer science and public health.
  • Online bachelor’s degree programs are available in subjects like international business, accounting and marketing.

University of Southern California


  • Ranked 131 across the world.
  • Popular subjects offered include economics, business and accounting.
  • Online business degree programs are available in subjects like Global Supply Chain Management.

There are several other leading Universities where students can enrol for online management degrees. These universities include:

  • University of Florida
  • University of California, Irvine
  • Arizona State University

These were some of the top universities offering online management degrees for students.