Online Courses with Certificates – For Freshers to Professionals

The pandemic has taught us many things – the biggest lesson we learned is that studying from home as in a classroom is possible and became a reality in 2020-21. Students all over the world attended online classes from home, completed their syllabus, and got promoted to the next class. With the success of such online classes and lessons, professionals are now showing a keen interest in online courses with certificates.

Who wouldn’t like to receive a German degree from home in India or the USA?

In the present times, students are showing keen interest in top online courses from different universities across the world. Universities like Stanford, Michigan, and Yale are offering several online courses for students to study from home.

No matter what you would like to study, whether it is about marketing skills enhancements and certificates, or digital marketing certificates, or management skills learning, online courses with certificates are now a reality. It is all about learning and gaining knowledge from different universities without having to step out of the home.

We have covered some of the top online courses with certificates that are most in-demand:

What are the best online courses with certificates?

There are several institutes and providers offering online courses for professionals and students. Select a course as per your needs and begin studying online.

LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn has always been the trusted provider for online courses. LinkedIn Learning offers more than 16000 courses for students. Students can learn through quizzes, videos, and several interactive sessions which makes learning easy and convenient. There is also a monthly free trial available for students.

Free printable certificates are available on the successful completion of the courses.


Udemy is one of the leading destinations for online learning and skill development. Though most of the courses at Udemy come for a price, there is also a range of free video courses for students to choose from. Udemy offers more than 500 courses and is one of the best learning materials. Marketing courses with certificates are one of the most in-demand.


Those who are looking for a career in IT, coding, and Science can find more details at Alison. Alison is a bit different from Udemy and LinkedIn as it does not create its courses. It is actually a platform that assembles 100’s of free courses from the internet. Alison is popular for its courses in different categories that include languages, science, humanities, IT, business, designing, web development, and more. There are more than 1000 courses available for students and Free certificates are included with a few courses.


Developers who look forward to online courses with certificates can try Pluralsight. This is the best platform for those who desire to hone their technical skills from the best teachers or experts in the world. Pluralsight offers a 10-day trial which is Free for students to complete a course. Once the course is completed, the student receives a certificate through mail. There are more than 1400 courses available with a Free certificate in almost all courses.

Oxford Home Study

If you have always dreamt of getting a degree or certificate from Oxford, then Oxford Home Study is something which you shouldn’t miss. There are 49 courses available to select is. Oxford Home Study is best known for its diploma education courses, but students can also look for their free online courses.  Students just need to sign-up, begin learning and get a certificate once the course is done. Business Management certificates from Oxford Home Study will certainly enrich your career goals.

Google Digital Garage

Digital Marketing is one of those courses which offers immense employment opportunities and scope for career growth. Google Digital Garage offers more than 100 courses and free certificates with some of the courses. Studies learn several subjects which include everything about digital marketing, AI, machine learning, Google cloud platform, social psychology, productivity, business security, and a lot more.

Online Courses with Certificates – Common FAQ

Do you have a question in mind regarding the courses? We have answered some of the most common questions. If you still need to know something, do post a comment and we will do our best to cover it.

Are online courses with certificates worth it?

Online courses are available for everyone – from freshers to professionals to advanced learners, there is a course for all.

Yes, online certificate courses are worth it because they will boost your job application. These certificates areas proof your skills and reveal your interest and personal commitment to learn more and develop. They are worth it because you are additionally trained which brings confidence in you.

What are the best subjects for Online courses?

For online courses, the best subjects can be management, languages, human resources, computers, psychology, communication, and accounting. It depends on the subject a student desires to specialize in.

What kind of certifications can I get online?

Online courses with certificates are available for IT, management, soft skill development, technical skills development, languages, digital marketing, marketing, computers, software, accounting, arts, psychology, photography, communication, and more. You name it and you will find relevant online courses with certificates.

Are there Free courses with certificates?

Yes, there are many FREE courses with certificates offered by many providers. At times, the courses have to be completed within a specific time and the certification can be downloaded.

Is Online Education good for me?

Yes, it is about learning or gaining knowledge beyond the usual way of knowledge. You get an education without having to go anywhere. It is the most flexible way of online education. It is perfect for those who are not able to physically join classes, attend a particular university, or do not have the means to be at a place.

How can I apply for online education or online courses with certificates?

You need to visit the online portal of the provider – whether it is Udemy or Harvard or Khan Academy and sign-up for the course. You will be guided through the process and once registered, you will get all the study material in your inbox.

Which Online Certification is the Best?

You will need an online certification as per your career goals. The best online certifications are those which are in international business management, risk management, project management professional certification and Microsoft certified professional.


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