Harvard University Online Courses Free

Harvard University offers a wide range of online courses for students located across the globe. Students can take up online courses in the following subjects:

  • Data Science
  • Mathematics
  • Social Sciences
  • Science
  • Programming
  • Business
  • Medicine and Health
  • Teaching and Education
  • Arts and Designing

Free or Paid Courses?

There are free courses as well as paid courses available for students.

Difficulty Levels of Harvard University Online Courses Free:

Courses are available as per different difficulty levels. For example, if you are a beginner and just starting to study a subject, you can choose a beginner course. If you have a little knowledge and looking forward to expanding your knowledge, you can choose the intermediary course. Those, who are already experts in the subject can go for the advanced course.

Harvard University Online Courses Free – Duration

Courses are of different durations and students can opt for:

  • 0-2 weeks duration
  • 2-4 weeks duration
  • 4-8 weeks duration
  • 8-12 weeks duration
  • 12+ weeks duration

When Do the Online Courses Start

Courses can start anytime; you need to check their website to check when a particular course begins.

  • Start Immediately
  • Start next week
  • Start next month
  • Start within next three months
  • Start within next six months
  • Start within a year

Harvard University Online Trending Courses

There are many courses offered by the University that are trending at a moment. If you are looking forward to enrolling in such a course, you can check out the trending courses of the time. Click here to check Harvard University Trending Courses now.

Harvard University Online Courses Free – Benefits

Well, you have a Harvard’s University certificate – can you ask for anything more? Harvard University is one of the most sought-after and respected universities in the world. Through online courses and learning, students from across the world can now get a certificate or degree from the University without having to spend money on traveling or dealing with immigration-related issues.

You Can Choose Duration of The Courses:

With online courses, you have the scope to choose the duration of the course. This is not possible when you enroll in a course in a classroom. There are courses which are for two weeks, sometimes four weeks and even more. Professionals can split their time and try out online courses. They can study using their phones, other devices, and laptops. There is plenty of learning material available.

There are many who still ask if online courses from Harvard are worth it?

Yes, they are worth the money spend. A certificate from Harvard University is certainly worth the time and money spent.

Is Harvard really offering free online courses?

Yes, there are many free online courses by Harvard University on different subjects. The courses are available with printable certificates. These courses are available for everyone who desires to learn online or study online.

Is Harvard really offering free online courses?

Yes, there are many free online courses offered by Harvard University.

Can I study at Harvard for free?

If the family income of a student is below $65,000, there is no need to pay anything. In fact, very few people know that Harvard costs a lot less than any public university. Students are entitled to the same kind of aid, no matter what their citizenship is or from which country they belong.

Does Harvard Do Online Degrees?

Yes, there are many online courses available for those who wish to enhance their skills or broaden their knowledge on a specific public. Those who cannot study on the campus can take up online courses and complete studies online.

It is always wise to go for free courses with certificates because it will boost your application. When you have certificates from top Universities like Harvard, it certainly reveals your desire to learn more and your passion to excel in the subject.


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