If you are planning to learn SEO – you will study about linkbuilding techniques and strategies extensively. Link building is an important aspect of SEO which is done by SEO professionals or experts who are trained in SEO.

SEO courses cover everything about link building, its strategies and more. These courses are comprehensive and aim to cover everything related to link building and its strategies.

So, what is link building and how does it affect the online existence of any website

Generally, search engines like Google, Bing and more views at how many links lead to your website because the more high-quality and trustworthy sites linking to you, the more your blog posts or sales pages will appear on search results.

Also, this helps users to find your website and gain more traffic and trust. Users definitely would trust your website if your content is valuable according to other websites. If done correctly, link building can help your website to get more exposure. On the other hand, if done wrong, your site may lose its ranking.

Linkbuilding is all about strategies and techniques that are achieved in different ways.

Build Relationships:

For good link building, you need to build a good relationship with other communities in your industry. This outreach relates to the promotion of something which you’ve just created. The common goal is to get a link but outreach can help you in many other ways. It helps you build a strong relationship with influencers in your industry which help your business to become highly regarded and trusted.

Guest Blogging:

One of the oldest link building techniques is guest blogging. You write an article for any other website in your niche and you linkback your website. It’s quite simple and easy.

Unlinked Mentions:

Sometimes people will mention you in their content without linking to you. People reading that content would know your name but it won’t lead them to your website easily. So, it’s better to reach out to the writer or website owner and convince them to convert the mentioned name to a link.

Link reclamation:

Sometimes in a blog, writers mention your name as a link that redirects readers to your website, but it gets removed. It happens due to removing the link from the linking page or the page which was linked ceased to exist.

So, if you find anything like this, it’s better to reach out to that author or website owner and let them know about this issue. They will again restore the page with your link and will also help them to get the information about the issue. This will also help to build a good relationship with the site owner which in turn would help you to get more links on their website in the future.

Stealing links from inferior webpages:

We all have seen mediocre content get so much exposure whereas your classy content is fighting to get a little bit of attention. This happens because the website owner doesn’t have knowledge about the existence of your content. You can introduce yourself and your content to the owner and ask them to link your content instead. This way you get to steal traffics from that mediocre content and drive it towards your content to gain more exposure.

Link building might not be easy but it is also not rocket science. All you have to do is execute all these mentioned techniques so that your content and website gets increased traffic thus getting more exposure. 

So, the above were all link building strategies that play a significant role in digital marketing and SEO.

Now, how is all this done?

There are several link building tools that help in the process. Some of these tools are paid, while others are FREE up to a certain limit. Some of the most popular tools are:

  • Ahrefs
  • Moz
  • NinjaOutreach
  • BuzzStream

How Do SEO Backlinks Work?

Backlinks are also known as inbound or incoming links. These make their connection through various external websites. Thus, the more links you get from authority sites, the more positive effects it has on your website. It helps in improving search rankings and visibility.

Is Linkbuilding still effective?

There are many professionals who often say that in 2021 -22 link building will no longer be effective.

No, this is not true!

With the improvement of site’s visibility, link building still remains to be one of the primary SEO tactics. Google still considers high-quality backlinks when determining the credibility of a website.

Thus, businesses should not hesitate in investing in an effective link-building campaign as it has the ability to help in conversion opportunities.


Linkbuilding – Major Questions Answered:

The first question which almost every linkbuilding professional has to answer is –

Is linkbuilding dead?

No, it is not.

Now the focus has changed completely. It is no longer about random links but about obtaining quality backlinks.

What is a linking strategy?

It is a plan that is created and implemented by SEO experts. It helps in organizing, tracking and optimizing links. With the right linking strategy, it can help in business returns including a good boost in sales. It can also help in improving search engine rankings.

Which is the best link building type?

Backlinks are certainly the most important kind of link. However, outbound links are the ones that link from your site to others. These links can also help in improving the search rankings of website.

What are the types of links in SEO?

There are four main kinds of links that matter:

  • External links
  • Internal links
  • Manually obtained links
  • Natural links
  • Self-created links

What are the four types of hyperlinks in SEO?

  • Text hyperlink – This uses a specific phrase or a word to link to any other document, file or page.
  • Image hyperlink – An image is used for the purpose
  • Bookmark hyperlink – This uses an image or text for taking visitors to another page

What are external links?

External links are the hyperlinks that point to different external sources. If any other website points its link to your website, it is also known as an external link that directs visitors to you.

What are natural links?

Natural links are the links obtained when other bloggers, webmasters or website owners link your content. They may link videos, products, images or even blogs because they feel they are useful and will add value to the visitors of their website.

What is an outbound link?

Outbound links are just opposite of the backlinks. These links are when you choose to link any other website or blog page to your site.

What is internal linking SEO?

The links in the pages of your website that interconnect. This means when one page of your website links to another page of your website. Internal links are extremely critical for your SEO.

How Can I Get Free Quality Backlinks?

If you wish to get free quality backlinks, the key is to develop high-quality content. It is not just about the number of posts you have but it is about the quality of these posts. Website owners who have consistent quality content and an effective SEO plan will have a good backlink profile.

However, there are a few rules for getting links. You cannot get all the links at once. Link building is a steady process and it takes time. Thus, it is all about being patient, working hard on content creation and then building links.

How many backlinks can you get in a month?

  • First month – 10 backlinks to the homepage, considering there is not much content
  • Second month – 12 backlinks to the inner pages and homepage
  • Third month – 15 backlinks to the inner pages
  • Fourth month – 20 backlinks to the inner pages

How many backlinks per day is safe?

Just as it is mentioned above, you cannot have all your backlinks at one time. You need to build links gradually from high-domain websites over a period. A most important factor is to have links that are relevant to your niche.

Are backlinks good or bad?

Backlinks are a vital part of off-site SEO. The process of obtaining backlinks is known as link building. However, just like several other aspects of SEO, this is not straightforward. Some backlinks might be toxic, and they can even harm your website’s ranking. If there are too many toxic backlinks they can harm your website.

How much time do backlinks take to work?

These take time and doesn’t happen fast. For example, if you are adding a backlink today, it will take you around 10 weeks to show its results. If these are for non-competitive keywords, they might take lesser time.

Do backlinks build authority?

Backlinks are the foundation to good SEO. They play an important role in the ranking your website.

Is paying for backlinks worth it?

If we consider research, it is easier to purchase a backlink but it’s not worth it. Google might consider it to be spam and it will affect your rankings.

These were some of the basics of linkbuilding and how backlinks can help in better ranking of your website.

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