With the immense popularity of mobile phones and the internet, working online and using various applications seems to be a cakewalk for many. However, no matter how well versed you are in using your mobile phone and how well you can use the apps, youngsters, especially students need to consider some basic online computer courses for beginners.

These basic computer courses are usually of short duration and designed keeping in mind the convenience of beginners.

Here are some of the basic online computer courses for beginners:

Website Designing:

One course which every beginner needs to learn! Web designing course is all about how developing and maintenance of a website. Students learn different languages like Java.

  • Duration: 6 months – 1 year
  • Short Courses: Less than four months
  • Subjects – Designing, Multimedia, Editing, Programming Basics
  • Career option: Job as a website designer and developer.
  • Freelance Opportunities – Yes

Diploma or Certificate in Computer Technology:

Beginners are recommended this course because they get to learn not just the basics of computers, but also several other topics which are relevant.

  • Duration  – 6 months -1 Year
  • Subjects – Desktop Publishing, MS Programming, MS Office and more.
  • Career Option – Jobs in the IT sector, in offices
  • Freelance opportunities – Yes

Typing Courses:

One of the most neglected courses, there are several online typing courses available. These courses are a must because they help in improving typing speeds and achieve accuracy. These typing courses are usually of one or two weeks duration because the students need to practice later on. During these courses students are given tips and tricks, helping them to improve their typing speed.

  • Duration  – 1-2 weeks
  • Topics – Helps to improve typing speed
  • Career Option – Jobs in data entry and typing

Microsoft Office Courses:

In the present times, anyone applying for a computer-based job needs to know MS Office thoroughly. Every graduate or a beginner needs to learn MS Office thoroughly.

  • Duration  – 4- 6 months
  • Topics – MS Word, MS PowerPoint, MS Excess, MS Excel and More.
  • Career Option – Jobs in the IT sector, in offices

Courses in Cyber Security

These days, courses in cyber security are quite in demand. It is a vital study area because it helps in keeping the businesses protected at large. With the right kind of cyber security practices in place, businesses can keep their data secure and thus keep their data protected.

  • Duration  – 4- 6 months
  • Topics – Cyber Security Practices, Techniques, Software and Applications
  • Career Option – Jobs in the IT sector, Banks, Insurance companies and more as a cyber security specialist.

Some FAQ Answered:

What are some of the basic computer skills necessary for beginners?

Basic computer skills refer to the ability to use computers and some related technologies for performing certain fundamental tasks. The few basic computer skills each beginner needs include presentations, application software, typing speed, creating beautiful designs and communicating online.

What are Basic IT Skills?

Basic IT skills include –

  • Word Processing
  • Data Entry
  • Security and Privacy
  • Search Engines
  • Email Clients

What Computer Skills Are Employers Looking For?

  • Project Management Skills and knowledge of platforms like Zoho and Trello
  • Marketing Skills like Email marketing, Google Analytics, SEM, SEO and content management
  • Data Analysis such as database management, data engineering and resource management
  • Computer technologies like HTML, Office suite and more.

These were some of those basic online computer skills for beginners which can give them an edge over the competitors.

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